Shop and World Peace Cafe

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In our shop you can find:

- The inspiring books of Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso, which are based on the texts of ancient kadampas and which we use as a guide for our classes.
- Audiobooks, for those who have little time available or for those who wish to listen Buddhist teachings wherever they are.
- Sadhanas or prayer booklets, which we use in our practices.
- CDs to follow guided meditations.
- Beautiful handmade notebooks that we make in our craft workshops.
- Handmade book covers.
- Malas or Buddhist beads crafted by practitioners, which you can use to keep track of the mantras or prayers.
- Statues, canvas and prints of the Buddhas, which help us and inspire us in our meditations and spiritual path.


World Peace Cafe

Before and after every class we open the World Peace Cafe, so you can enjoy your favourite drinks and snacks in a relaxing atmosphere. The World Peace Café has an air-conditioned room, an indoor and outdoor room, thus you can choose your preferred spot.



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