Winter Retreats 2017-2018

Concentración e

Pure mind; pure world

December 29th - 31th




Leave the past behind: move on to a new future.
Develop your pure pontential.

Our mind is often disturbed by painful thoughts and feelings that disrupt our sense of well-being and cause us to disrupt our personal relationships and to experience various kinds of suffering. Buddha teaches us practical methods to purify our mind of this negativity and thus reduce our suffering now and in the future. As our mind becomes purer, our experiences and relationships improve. Eventually, when we completely purify our mind, we will experience a completely pure world. In this retreat, we will learn about and begin to practice purifying our mind.

In Spanish with translation into English.



Booking Opens 20th November at 17h.


How to transform your life

January 1th - 7th



Find inner peace and lasting happines.
Easy practices for daily life.

In How to Transform Your Life, a free eBook download, the author, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, says:
'This book presents many profound methods of spiritual training, all of which are practical ways to purify and control our mind. If we put these methods into practice we will definitely gain a special experience of mental peace. By continuing to improve this experience, deluded states of mind will gradually diminish and our inner peace will grow. Eventually, by abandoning delusions altogether, we will attain the supreme permanent inner peace of nirvana. Having overcome our own delusions, such as anger, attachment and ignorance, and developed profound spiritual realizations of universal love, compassion, concentration and wisdom, our ability to help others will be far greater. In this way we can help others solve their problems not just for a few days or a few years, but for ever. We can help them discover an inner peace and joy that nothing, not even death, can destroy. How wonderful!'

A special present for everybody from the author. Download your free copy today:

In Spanish with no translation.



Booking Opens 20th November at 17h.


Inner Fire

January 12th - 18th 
Change of venue:
The retreat will be held in the temple in Portugal




Instructions of the Ganden Oral Linage.

The essence of the completion stage of Vajrayogini. An unparalleled opportunity to familiarize yourself with this powerful practice in a unique blessed environment.

In English with translation into Spanish.

*HYT empowements required.






Video of the centre and temple here

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Booking opens

20th November at 17h. 

Meditation teacher


Gen Kelsang Tharpa

Our resident teacher, Gen Tharpa, is a close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has over 30 years teaching Kadampa Buddhism in Spain, Portugal and England. He is a teacher with a great ability to clearly convey the profound Buddhist teachings both the path of wisdom and compassion. Therefore, both beginners and veterans alike enjoy their lessons. Tharpa Guen is a monk beloved by his disciples through his simplicity, his wise counsel, his good humor, humility and discipline. It is a living example of the Kadampa way of life and an extraordinary teacher. Tharpa Guen imparts the general and foundation programs in the province of Málaga. Also leads the courses in our temple in Alhaurin el Grande.


What to expect for a meditation retreat

Our group retreats are perfect for those trying to improve their meditation experience and experience of the teachings. Through guided meditations, practical teachings and meaningful engagement with a like-minded community. 

Retreat sessions

There are four sessions each day, each for approximately 90 minutes. The sessions combine practical instruction and guided meditation that will allow you to connect with an experience of true inner peace, develop basic techniques that can help you to create a consistent habit of meditation, and leave with practical inner tools to apply what you’ve have learned to your daily life.

During the breaks

Between retreat sessions take time to relax and carry your experience of peace enjoying the tranquility of our garden, pool and surranding; connect and discuss with like-minded people; nourish yourself with a refreshing drink and healthy snack in the World Peace Café or explore our bookstore and giftshop.

Notes on the food

Meals are vegetarian with dairy, eggs, gluten, and condiments. We regret not to be able to offer special diets.



KMC Spain is a non-profit organization, its functioning depends on the cooperation of everybody, so we expect your help in various tasks for this event.





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