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By collaborating with Kadampa cards, you establish a monthly monetary fee to help to sustain the KMC Spain. Since we are a charity and receive no subsidies, these quotas provide stability to the project, and allow the maintenance of activities. They also offer financial advantages, ideal for those who want to attend regular classes and courses. We have weekly English classes and simultaneous English translation in our courses.
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General Basic Card
Special General Card
Fundamental Card
White Card
Addressed to
It's the best card to start with because it allows you to attend the general program’s meditation classes without a commitment to assist.
For those who wish to attend the meditation’s classes of the general program as well as Day and Weekend Courses.
For those who want to deepen their spiritual practice. Classes consist of lectures, lessons, debates, pujas and meditations.
For those who simply want to donate an amount periodically
All meditation’s classes of the General Program in any KMC in Spain. If by the seventh month of having the General Basic Card you wish to move to the Special General Card, it keeps your permanency, so you can enjoy the benefits of the Special General TK immediately.
It has all the benefits of the Basic General TK, and after three months of permanency it allows you to attend Day and Weekend Courses. It does not include meals, lodging, empowerments, guided retreats longer than 2 days, or national and international events and celebrations.
It allows you to attend to the Foundation Program and all activities included in the Special General Card *.
* You must first have this card for two months, on the third month you can access courses and retreats free (not including room and board).

Set your own amount and periodicity.

Regularity: monthly, every two months, quarterly, semestral or annual.

10€/month lowest quota

Fees will be pay monthly throughout the year by direct debit, except the White card where the frequency chosen will be applied. 
You can cancel your card at any time by notifying with month’s notice, except the Foundation Card, which requires a minimum commitment of one year.
To assist to the Foundation Programme a previous interview with the Studies Program’s Coordinator is required.
The fees for the General and Foundation cards are subject to review and may be increased periodically prior notice

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